• Workshop by Whitney Grafa from The Pilates Center

    We attended a workshop over the weekend taught by Whitney Graga from The Pilates Center. It was a In-Depth Mat Workshop where we broke down each exercise to help clients get more out of the mat work by giving a different direction or approach.  Here are a few tips that we’d like to share with

  • Proof that Pilates works!

    Hi Heidi. Just wanted to say thank you for being an awesome coach. I have been snowboarding for four days now (today will be day 5) and I am feeling strong!!!! Very little back pain and generally doing okay. Normally I hurt after day 1! Pilates is awesome! Thanks so much! Katherine Kohatsu

  • Strong Flexible Feet = Less injury from falling

    When walking around in the snow and ice you need to strong feet and ankles to prevent you from falling. Try these three exercises for strong flexible feet. #1 windshield wiper feet – lie on your back with your knees bent and feet wider than your hips.  Without lifting the sole of your feet windshield